About Phytobiophysics

What is Phytobiophysics?

Phytobiophysics has been developed to provide the natural mechanisms (the release of energy blocks and the harmonisation of energy flow throughout the body) in order to help the body to heal itself. It is a holistic approach based on hundreds (thousands) of years of knowledge to which a new scientific approach has been applied.

The formulas are designed to help restore balance on the spiritual, emotional, mental and Physical level; with physical ailments often being the manifestation of deeper emotional and mental problems.

Use of the Flower Formulas can be on a self-help (individual selection) method or through the assistance and advice of a trained Phytobiophysics Practitioner.

As with all remedies/medicines, the effect of the formulas cannot be guaranteed; in particular where individuals have more than one problem and/or problems related to deep-seated trauma. In these cases, individual consultation and testing is required.

Are Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas the same as other Flower Essences?

All flower essences are of benefit on differing levels of emotional imbalances, however, other flower essences are individual plant essences, whereas each flower formula is made up of hundreds of different plant essences that, through the science of Phytobiophysics, are produced to resonate on an exact energy frequency.

A simple analogy would be to liken flower formulas to an orchestra - one flower essence is a single instrument, whereas one Phytobiophysics flower formula is the whole orchestra.

Can you have an adverse reaction from taking flower formulas?

Some people may experience a slight reaction known as the 'Healing Crisis'. This is of a short duration however, and is a positive sign of healing. Flower formula 7 - Orchid - can be taken to help the person feel more comfortable during this period (if required).

Will flower formulas interfere with other medication I may be taking?

On the contrary, if you are taking medication and/or supplements for your particular condition, flower formulas provide benefits by helping the body to assimilate better any substances you may be taking.