About Polarity Therapy

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity therapy is a system of holistic healthcare based on an understanding of the flow of life energy. Life energy must flow correctly to maintain optimum health. The body reflects in its structure and function the sum total of our "history". This is encoded in the energy fields that surround the body and interpenetrate it. So one can regard the physical body as being "woven" from these energy fields.

How does it work?

All therapists will work differently, but many will begin by taking a case history. The therapist will not only be interested in the problem that brought the client to their office, but their general health, family history, diet, sleep patterns, emotional state - in other words a holistic view of their life to date. This information may continue to be gathered over the first few sessions. Some therapists will want to make a structural assessment also, and for this outer clothing will need to be removed, but most Polarity bodywork will be done with the client fully clothed.

The bodywork aspect is usually a substantial part of most therapists' work. Many techniques are used, mostly very gentle and with an energetic rather than a manipulative approach, facilitating the free movement of body energy. Some techniques are like a whole-body reflexology session, releasing areas which are functionally and energetically related. There may be gentle rocking and articulatory techniques, cranial holds, fascial releases. Some may look similar to osteopathic or chiropractic techniques, but without forceful manipulation. Some work may be even be performed off the body, working in the energy field. The experience of the bodywork is usually deeply relaxing and may release deeply held emotions and trauma.

In addition, specific exercises may be prescribed. These exercises are designed to release specific elemental blockages and come from a range of exercises termed Polarity Yoga.

Dietary advice is often given to help balance the 5 elements (foods also are classified according to the 5 element theory). Special cleansing diets are often given when toxic overload of the liver is suspected.

Attention is given to thought and emotional patterns and belief systems that are detrimental to health. Polarity therapists often have some counselling skills. However, they must not be thought of as psychotherapists. Astute therapists will be able to recognise the need for psychotherapy when it arises and will refer the client appropriately, as they would for any condition that seems outside their competence. Polarity therapy will complement most other health care approaches, including conventional medicine. However, other energy-based approaches, such as acupuncture, should not be used in close conjunction.

It is difficult to effectively describe the practice of Polarity Therapy since the range of techniques are so many and so varied. Generally, Polarity Therapy can be used to help engender increased body awareness, to contact their own self-healing mechanism via contact with the Unitive Field of Cosmic Intelligence. Life flows more freely through the body and its field, and specific dysfunctions correct themselves.