About Speech Training/Therapy

Speech TherapyWhat is Speech Training/Therapy?

Voice/Speech Training involves enabling people to improve the ways in which they use their voice, whether that be for public speaking, singing, or general confidence.

Speech Therapy (more commonly known as Speech and Language Therapy) is a clinical field concerned with disorders of human communication. Speech and Language therapists are involved in the assessment of people with a communication problem, and the provision of therapy. Since communication problems have many causes, a speech and language therapist has to have a wide knowledge of how human linguistic communication works and can fail.

Common disorders include: Aphasia — problems in language construction or decoding; Dyspraxia — problems in control of the vocal apparatus; Dysfluency — problems with the fluency of pronunciation (ie stuttering); Dysphonia - problems with the generation of voice in the larynx; and Dyslexia — problems with reading. Common causes of communication disorders include head injury, hearing loss and stroke; although a number seem to have a genetic component.