About Taoism

TaoismWhat is Taoism?

The founder of Taoism is believed by many to be Lao-Tse (604-531 BCE) 

Taoism started as a combination of psychology and philosophy which evolved into a religious faith in 440 CE when it was adopted as a state religion.

Taoists generally have an interest in promoting health and vitality and Taoism has had a significant impact on North American culture in the fields of acupuncture, holistic medicine, herbalism, meditation and martial arts.

Taoists believe that Tao is the first cause of the universe. It is a force that flows through all life, and each believers goal is to become one with the Tao.

Development of virtue is the chief task. "The Three Jewels" to be sought being compassion, moderation and humility.

This of course only touches on the many beliefs and practises of Taoism, which are deserving of more thorough reading and investigation.