About Bioflow

What is Bioflow?

In 1991, Ecoflow launched a magnetic device that was strapped to the fuel line of cars to cut toxic emissions and reduce fuel consumption. These claims were confirmed by the Government Environment Laboratory which also found that engine power was increased. Encouraged by this success, the company went on to develop products that improved the efficiency of oil and gas fired heating systems. In 1995, Bioflow was launched after a number of distributors found they were gaining relief from aches and pains working within magnetic fields. Initial suspicions that these benefits were purely psychosomatic were allayed when Bioflow was shown to be equally effective for animals.

Ecoflow — units to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in combustion engines and to improve the performance of domestic and commercial heating systems.

Bioflow — brings natural relief from aches and pains for people and animals. Magnets are incorporated into straps, bracelets and belts for people; into collars for dogs and cats; into wraps and boots for horses. All use a patented multi-directional Central Reverse Polarity magnetic field to mimic the equipment used by professional therapists at a fraction of the cost. All products are perfectly safe, though they should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker.