About Biological Terrain Management (BTM)

BiologyWhat is Biological Terrain Management (BTM)?

Biological Terrain Management, or BTM, is a quick and easy lab test to evaluate one's biological terrain. Using freshly voided samples of a patient's urine and saliva, the office will run tests that show how a person's body is functioning. The results of this test have proven invaluable to practitioners in correctly prescribing for one's particular biochemistry and physiology. The test also helps the practitioner to see which acupuncture meridian is most stressed and which is most deficient at the present time. He can then apply meridian treatments to help correct these imbalances, so that the patient may move more in a direction of healing. BTM's are often repeated weekly or biweekly, or even more often in more seriously ill patients, in order to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and see what is the next step in treatment.

Tim Ray, O.M.D., of BioRay, Inc. in Los Angeles, California, developed this technology. The great value of this test is in its ability to evaluate what therapy to use at each level of a patient's therapeutic process.

The image of peeling off the layers of the onion is very helpful here. When we heal, we are peeling off these layers. At each level there are new issues with which we must work. The test pays little attention to the name of a disease. This is still being done all the time in allopathic medicine, and still very often even in alternative medicine, where we are taught to take CoQ10 for heart failure or Glucosamine for arthritis. These can be very helpful in such situations. But by addressing the underlying biological terrain, the self-healing forces in the body become more active, regardless of the name of the disease. Tests like the BTM will soon revolutionise the practice of medicine in the world.