About Chakra Therapy

What is Chakra Therapy?

Chakras are centres of psychic energy located at points along the spinal cord. They are associated with the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each chakra corresponds to a specific mantra (sound) and geometric pattern (yantra). Through meditation on these chakras we can gain mastery over our body and each corresponding element.

What are the Chakras?

There are seven major chakras in our body which have been identified with the following nerve plexuses:

  • Muladhar — in perineum sacrococcygeal nerve plexus
  • Svadhisthana — four fingers above lumbosacral nerve plexus
  • Manipur — opposite the umbilicus lumbar plexus
  • Anahata — over the 6th thorasic spine cardiac plexus
  • Vishudha — opposite the larynx laryngeal plexus
  • Ajna — opposite glabella, cerebellum and its lobes
  • Sahasrara — between third ventricle and pituitary

How does it work?

The human organism is not just a physical composition or structure made of molecules but is also composed of energy fields. These energy fields or the centers of psychic energy are popularly known as chakras. There are seven major chakras which are situated along the spinal cord against the points of five major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands. These chakras are very important for energy balance and perfect synchronisation of interior and exterior rhythms or HEF (human energy field) and UEF (universal energy field).

Chakras are bioplasmic energy fields composed of ions, free protons and electrons. This state is distinct from four known states of matter, ie solid, liquid, gases and plasma. Hence chakras are fifth state of matter. The energy field of these chakras can be measured by SQUID, EEG and kirlian photography. A normal developed and opened chakra always spins clockwise and gains pranic energy from UEF while counter-clockwise movement of a chakra makes energy flow out which makes a chakra closed, sick and abnormal.

In Chetna Therapy, through constant practice of dhyan (meditation), mantra jap (mantra recitation) and darshan (visualisation) one can rebalance the distorted energy system of chakras to be free from diseases. For example, in cancer the Manipur and Visudha chakras lose their protective sheath which can be cured by Chetna Therapy.