Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed some of the questions we are asked most often below.  If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please click on the link to the left to ask us a question.

General Questions

Why do I need to register?

By registering, we can give you access to many more features on the TherapyNet website, including searches by distance based on your address.

It also allows us to hide personally identifiable information about you from automated scripts that scrape e-mail addresses etc from web pages.

I've registered, but still cannot log-in, why not?

If you registered using our sign-up form please note that to protect against automated sign-ups coded by spammers, we send you an e-mail when you've registered that contains a verification code specific to your member account.

By clicking on the verification link in the e-mail, it proves to our system that you exist and have access to the e-mail address you provided us.

If you haven't received the verification link by e-mail, chances are that you incorrectly entered your e-mail address during the sign-up process, and we'd advise that you try registering again.

How do I buy credits?

To buy credits on TherapyNet, simply log into your account, and on your member account homepage, look for the box that shows you your current number of credits (it will be green if you have some or red if you have none).

There is a drop-down menu next to this box, which allows you to choose the option to 'Buy Credits'.

Members can also click here to Buy Credits.

Clicking on this link will display a range of credit packages that you can buy, allowing you to choose whichever is most cost-effective for you.

When you've made your decision, you'll be redirected to our secure online payment gateway, where you can make your payment with either your PayPal account or any major credit/debit card.

Your card details are never revealed to TherapyNet, so you can rest assured that your personal information is kept safe at all times.

Please note that you will also be prompted to purchase credits if you do not have any, when adding listings to the website.

Do my credits expire?

No, once you've bought your credits, they will remain available to you for as long as your account on TherapyNet is active, or spend them on a listing on the site.

How do I Redeem Credits?

If we've sent you a code to redeem credits on TherapyNet, simply log into your account, and on your member account homepage, look for the box that shows you your current number of credits (it will be green if you have some or red if you have none).

There is a drop-down menu next to this box, which allows you to choose the option to 'Redeem Credits'.

Members can also click here to Redeem Credits.

Enter the code you've been given in the box provided, and it will immediately update your account.

Please note that some credits have an expiry date, and others have a maximum number of credits (some even have a combination of both).  If your code is no longer valid, a reason will be displayed on screen.

Each code is only valid once per member.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account at any time.

Simply log-in, and go to your account settings.

In the advanced settings section, there is an option to delete your account.

Please note that while we'll delete the majority of your information, including any personally identifiable details, messages you've sent to other members and posts added to forums will remain, but me marked as being sent/added by a 'former member'.


How much does it cost to register?

Registration is 100% free, and always will be.

If I register with Facebook will you post to my timeline?

No. We offer Facebook registration as a single-click way of joining TherapyNet.

Unfortunately, Facebook supply a chunk of data about you, which although we don't need it, is part of their registration process.  This means that the Facebook confirmation message can look a little daunting.

Registering with Facebook on TherapyNet will not allow us to:

  • Follow new people
  • Update your profile
  • Post updates on your behalf
  • Access your direct messages
  • Access your friends list
  • Communicate with your friends

Why do you ask for my date of birth?

In the UK, there can be no binding contract between businesses and those under the age of 18.

For this reason, we want to ensure that anybody that signs up is 18 years or older, even though only therapists would ever make use of the online payment system.

Why do you ask for my address and postcode?

Your address and postcode allows us to locate your position in the world.

This then means we can show you local information, and help narrow search results on the site down to information that's actually useful to you.

Why do you ask for my gender?

As this is a member-driven website, we encourage users to upload a picture of themselves.  However, not all users will do this, so instead, we'll show a sillhouette image, indicating whether the member is male or female.

This is particularly useful, when first names are ambiguous, eg Chris could be short for Christine or Christopher.

Adding/Editing a Listing

Do I need to enter my costs in Pound Sterling?

No.  Once you're logged in, you can change the currency shown on the site simply by editing your Member Settings.

We have added a number of different currencies from around the world, and check the exchange rate daily with the European Central Bank.

Once you've updated your preferences, not only will you be able to enter your costs in your preferred currency, but all other costs shown on the site will also be presented in your preferred currency.

Why is my new listing not showing in the slider on the homepage?

To make it easy for customers to see the difference between listings they have viewed and are yet to view, we only show listings that have images in the latest listings slider on the homepage.

If you've recently published a listing, you can still edit it at any time by choosing to do so from the options shown on the My Listings page, and then add any images you feel are appropriate.

Remember, the first image uploaded is the one that's shown for your listings.  If you delete this image, the next image you uploaded will be shown instead.

Ratings & Reviews

Default Therapist Ratings

When new therapists join the site, they are automatically given a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

This is to help ensure that newer therapists that have had neither positive nor negative reviews are not penalised by being added to the bottom of the list.

As soon as they get either a positive or negative review, their star rating will be automatically recalculated.

Are the reviews real?

Only members of TherapyNet can add reviews to therapists.

Our registration process has been designed to help wean out automated sign-ups by spammers, as each member must confirm their e-mail address.

While TherapyNet cannot guarantee the veracity of each and every review, each therapist has the option to reply to reviews, and we have automated systems in place to flag any suspicious review patterns.